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Presenting BDS Networks

Brought to you by Black Diamond Software, BDS Networks is our full purpose networking service.


Temporary Wifi

We specialize in temporary installations, offering flexible solutions for pop-up event spaces and mobile internet. Our expertise with Unifi gear allows us to provide reliable connectivity and seamless networking experiences for events, construction sites, and film productions.

Managed IT & Support

Our advanced networking solutions cover a wide range of permanent deployments, catering to home networks, business networks, and industrial or farm/rural installations. Our team provides end-to-end support, ensuring that your network is reliable, secure, and optimized for your specific environment.

Versatile Deployments

Whether you are seeking networking solutions for a small-scale setup or a large-scale enterprise deployment, we are equipped to deliver tailored and efficient solutions that meet your unique demands.


With our expertise in wide area network installations, we have the proficiency to successfully deploy networks across diverse environments, including city-wide deployments, town networks, university campuses, and corporate campuses.

Advanced Deployments

Our expertise spans plant sensor systems for environmental monitoring, specialized networking technologies like LORA or its variants for long-range and low-power communication, sensor arrays for comprehensive data collection and analysis.

Help & Support

Whatever your digital networking needs are, we are ready with the perfect equipment for the job and respond to service requests within 24 hours.

Networking for any scenario

BDS Networks provides reliable connectivity and empowering clients to succeed in any venue or setting, whether it’s a bustling office environment, a remote work setup, or even a challenging outdoor location.


The coverage worked throughout the entire venue!

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Our promise is that the solutions we provide will be delivered on time, on budget and of the highest quality.

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